Electric  Bamboo Toothbrush Replacement Brush Head

Electric Bamboo Toothbrush Replacement Brush Head


Replacement heads that will fit your EcoWarehouse Sonic Electric toothbrush.

With compostable bamboo heads and charcoal infused PBT bristles, it’s a true revolution for those who want a more powerful teeth clean. PBT (a type of polyester) bristles are stronger than your regular Nylon bristles and therefore last longer (3-4 months).

Why the Sonic Bamboo Electric toothbrush replacement heads?

  • Reduces the impact on our environment
  • First of a kind in New Zealand
  • Comparable with the Sonic Philips toothbrush
  • Brush head is made of Bamboo with corn starch plug
  • Bristles are charcoal infused PBT
  • Bristles will last for 3-4 months

Each box contains: 2x Bamboo replacement heads that will only fit the EcoWarehouses Sonic Electric toothbrush