Bug Stick

Bug Stick



Did you know that when rosemary, cedarwood and NZ manuka essential oils are combined they create a smell that bugs can’t stand!

Shea butter helps repel mosquitoes and other biting insects as they don't like the scent of it and it coats the skin with a nourishing layer causing the bugs to feel uncomfortable as they can't latch onto the skin. Its too slippery for them!

Citronella is a famous mosquito repelling essential oil and it does that by masking the smell our bodies produce that attract insects in the first place.

If you are pregnant, please discuss the use of any product with your health care provider



  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Deters creepy crawlies and bitey insects
  • Made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils
  • Moisturises the skin whilst keeping the bugs at bay
  • Safe for the whole family to use
  • Easy to use push up 100% home compostable stick
  • For small children or anyone with sensitive skin, test patch on skin
  • Certified cruelty-free CFF
  • Palm oil-free
  • 100% compostable paper tube 
  • Zero Waste


Candelilla wax, shea butter, organic coconut oil, citronella, rosemary, cedar wood and manuka essential oils. That's it - 0% nasties 


 Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients


Push up gently from the bottom of the tube.

Rub on ALL exposed skin that you don't want to be bitten. Apply as often as needed.

For small children or anyone with sensitive skin, test patch on skin.