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5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Waste

Updated: Sep 8, 2021


Here are 5 easy ways that Aspire believes you can reduce your waste.

1. Ditch disposables

Single-use plastic bags, containers, plastic wrap, and aluminium foil may be convenient, but they are dirtying Whangamata's beautiful beach & destroying our environment. Instead, you could try reusable products to wrap your items.

2. Say no to straws

Plastic straws are used once, thrown in the bin, and end up polluting our ocean. Next time you have a drink, consider trying these reusable metal straws and reduce your plastic straw waste.

3. Store your food the right way

Instead of using single-use plastic to store your pasta, oats, or even your leftovers, consider finding a sturdy reusable container that can hold your food forever without being wasteful.

4. Reuse your cleaning supplies for a cleaner environment

Reusing containers isn't just for food, but other things too. Clean your house and yourself by using refillable bottles instead of chucking out your old ones.

5. Work on that compost bin

Turning your food and garden waste into compost helps to preserve and protect the environment. Come in & collect your free composting bucket from Aspire, fill it up, and we'll send it away for composting!

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